Design/build of:

  • industrial burner systems
  • advanced control systems
  • oxy/fuel systems
  • combustion and process control panels
  • process heating equipment

Blackhawk Combustioneering will custom design systems based on customer demands as well as provide customized PLC programming to reduce energy consumption, decrease operating costs, and improve long term sustainability.

Our professionals ensure that your applications run in a safe, reliable and efficient manner; providing flexible service and support including:

• New equipment start-up and commissioning
• Retrofitting of existing process equipment
• Troubleshooting and repair
• Preventative maintenance
• Energy audits with reports
• Combustion analysis and efficiency improvements
• Emissions reduction and compliance
• Combustion system tune-ups
• Safety audits
• Temperature profiles for ovens and furnaces
• Fire Insurance investigation expertise


Today, with the higher costs of fuel, it's essential that your combustion system is operating efficiently.

To operate your burner at peak efficiency, it's important to regularly check air filters and review combustion air sources to ensure they are free of contaminants and provide clean air. 

There are signs however that a professional inspection and routine maintenance schedule should be made:

  • You hear rumbling, squeaking, surging noises.
  • You smell gas - this could mean a hazardous leak 
  • You see
    • abnormalities in the stack exhaust; 
    • wear and tear on burners, regulators and/or control valves

And while visual flame inspections may detect changes in operation, looking at flame colour or size will not help in accurately setting burner gas and airflow.  Proper testing and tuning require proper measurements to be taken by a professional.

Hire a combustion expert to evaluate your system and assist with your burner tuning needs. 

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