Whether it’s a new installation or approval of existing process combustion equipment Blackhawk can guide you through the TSSA approval process. 

In cases where you may want old equipment re-approved, we will gladly look at your system and help you understand what must be done to bring it up to the current codes.  This includes providing funding estimates to qualify the most cost-effective, and timely methods to bring your appliance up to code and receive TSSA approval.

Blackhawk is also able to provide:

  • a review of your Burners, Boilers and other fuel burning equipment including all fuel handling equipment to the relevant TSSA implemented codes
  • life expectancy of the equipment involved
  • equipment life cycle costing
  • approval estimates for control changes


For minor projects, a Blackhawk technician with the appropriate gas or oil certifications will perform the on-site work and relatively straightforward approvals. Our professional engineer will be involved for large scale projects with involved submissions, including variances and logic system design (PLC or DCS), and/or requiring a professional engineers stamp for one-of-a-kind situations.

Blackhawk regularly seeks and obtains variances to continue operation based on developing a plan and schedule to upgrade the combustion equipment for a later date. Then, TSSA inspectors and our technicians test and validate the safe operation of the current installation until the necessary changes are made.


Blackhawk performs annual system safety inspections as required by your insurance company. These include: burner system safety interlock checks/tests, SSOV safety valve leak testing, external gas piping leak testing, burner and related component condition assessments and recommendations.

For more information on TSSA and the Fuel Safety Program click on the following link:

Contact Blackhawk Combustioneering to bring our extensive experience of the applicable Canadian and Ontario Regulations to assist you.