combustion system MAINTENANCE

Today, with the higher costs of fuel, it's essential that your combustion system is operating efficiently. You can prolong the life of your fuel burning system, and its overall efficiency, just by having it regularly maintained by a qualified professional. Our preventative maintenance service includes:


The combustion experts at Blackhawk will regularly inspect your combustion system, test to see how it is operating and make any necessary adjustments, including:

  • Checking air filters and reviewing combustion air sources to ensure they are free of contaminants and provide clean air
  • Cleaning out the burner
  • Inspecting the ignitor and safety of the system (leaks, abnormalities, wear and tear)


As a necessary energy producer for your applications, industrial burners are a vital part of your installations. Therefore it's very important to have a burner in good condition, operating efficiently, with accurately set burner gas and airflow. That being said, looking at flame colour or size will NOT help in accurately setting burner gas and airflow. Proper testing and tuning require proper measurements to be taken by a professional.

Blackhawk Combustioneering's preventative maintenance service provides you a customized maintenance program to evaluate your system and manage your burner tuning needs. Give us a call today at 905 547 5757 to learn more.