The team at Blackhawk Combustioneering Ltd has been providing their clients with outstanding service and technical support for many years.

Jim Walton
General Manager

Jim has over forty years of experience in heavy industrial process heating applications having spent 10 years in the Combustion Engineering Department at Stelco Inc. He is a Combustion Technician with a TSSA G-1 Certificate and has a Certificate in The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel from McMaster University. His experience includes projects in Steel Mill Melt Shops, By-Products Plants, Coke Oven Batteries, Rotary Lime Kilns, Galvanizing Furnaces, Batch Anneal Furnaces, Reheat Furnaces, and Gas Mixing Stations.

He has additional experience with non-ferrous melting furnaces as well as rotary aggregate dryers for the asphalt producing industry and fire insurance investigation expertise.

Jim is a member of The Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) as well as the Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association (OMPHA).

Doug Whitelaw
Manager, Combustion/Instrumentation

Doug is a combustion technician with a TSSA G-1 Certificate as well as a licensed electrician. Doug has in excess of 36 years installing and servicing various types of industrial burner systems and controls throughout North America including:

  • Process combustion systems for the asphalt, steel, automotive and aluminum industries.
  • Industrial instrumentation, PLC programming, service and repair of pneumatic control systems
  • Aggregate dryer and bag house issues
  • Hot oil heater repair and piping layout.
  • Conversions of oil firing equipment to natural gas, liquid propane
  • Installation and service of mass flow combustion systems for use on oxy/fuel EAF furnace burners in the steel industry.
  • Installation and commissioning of linkageless control systems used to control fuel/air ratio on large burners over 100 million BTU/hr
  • Autocad drawings for TSSA approvals

David J Hartwell
Manager,  Projects & Installations

Dave was College Educated in the UK and Canada. As well as being a certified Industrial and Construction Millwright, he is a certified G-1 Gas Technician under TSSA.

He has over 25 years of practical heavy industrial maintenance and management experience including: engineering, procurement, construction and installation of projects from $500,000 to $1 million+. He maintains trustworthy and healthy customer relationships with a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. Dedicated to details and scoping complicated multitasked projects, Dave is a believer in round table meetings with progress reports and keeping the client informed of delay constraints and cost issues. His strong health and safety conscience has earned Blackhawk numerous successful projects. Dave has specialized experience in Oxy-Fuel Burner Systems, Energy Efficiency Programs, Heat Recovery Systems, Concept Designs, Improvement Recommendations with engineering support for the in-house installation, maintenance and technical teams including:

  • Oxy-Fuel Burner modifications for existing Electric Arc Steel making Furnace
  • Improved Burners and Controls for Ladle and Tundish Preheater Systems
  • Project Management and Major Contractor for upgrade installation for a 5 – 8 Oxy-Fuel Burner System, complete with multi-function PLC Controls integrated in the steelmaking facility on the Electric Arc Furnace. Include major repairs to primary oxygen delivery pipeline and temporary Oxy-Fuel Burner while complying with all Regulatory Authorities without loss of steelmaking capabilities. Safely completed project around steelmaking operations productivity.
  • Complete overhaul and upgrade to a three Ladle Preheater station with relocations of valve trains, piping and controls during continuous production operations.
  • Exhaust Stack Heat Recovery system to benefit efficient use of waste heat and direct it for useful process heating of Pickling and Wash Tanks.
  • Energy Efficiency Study in collaboration with gas supplier utilities to maximize energy consumption.

George Faulkner, P. Eng.
Senior Combustion Engineer

George is a Combustion Engineer, received his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from McMaster University of Hamilton in 1979.  Recently (2011) he has completed the Metallurgy of Iron and Steel program at McMaster University. He is a registered Ontario Professional Engineer and a member of AIST.

George gained his combustion solutions experience while working for Coen Co at their Quebec and Northern California locations. He has provided application engineering using a variety of fuels on projects from single burner/boiler or kiln to multi-fired unit applications. Additional combustion experience in Duct burner firing was obtained while working for Davis Combustion Systems (Forney), which provided Duct burners for gas turbine gen sets. As engineering manager, at Lattner Boiler an ASME certified manufacturer, George has gained experience in high pressure steam and hot water boiler applications and boiler controls. Under this employment he designed, to ASME code, a new high pressure steam boiler line for the Drycleaner industry. In addition a new low NOx boiler was designed to meet California’s emission requirements.

To back up his theoretical and design work he has spent two years working in the field on commissioning and startup for industrial combustion clients.


Dan Butler
John Chmiel
John Czajka
Nick Sirrs

Ron Lavoie
Jim Majcher
Mike Michaels
Gary Nudds


Blackhawk Combustioneering provides 24/7 service with G1 combustion technicians for troubleshooting of burner and process problems. We also provide safety and energy services.


We design and supply industrial process combustion systems, whether it be retrofitting existing processes or designing and supplying new “state of the art” burners and controls.


We can provide a detailed analysis of your current code status & options to meet approval.


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